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We got to visit Slovenia!

In the spring of 2013, The U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana, Slovenia decided to use employ “food diplomacy” to showcase American culture and diversity, as well as to highlight sustainable development and environmentally-friendly practices in the United States. The centerpiece of the project was the month-long visit by two American chefs in April: Lenny Russo (Heartland Restaurant & Farm Direct Market-St. Paul, Minnesota) and Cassie Parsons (Harvest Moon Grille-Charlotte, North Carolina). The program, conceived by Public Affairs Officer Christopher Wurst, featured American food nights at top Ljubljana restaurants and food evenings hosted by U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia Joseph Mussomeli; but the highlight was an eight-episode television series-”Seasoned by Americans”-on POP-TV, Slovenia’s most-watched TV channel. “Seasoned by Americans” took the chefs throughout Slovenia (Chef Russo in the west, Chef Parsons in the east), to discover traditional Slovene ingredients, dishes and preparations.  They encountered strange traditions, unique characters and amazing landscapes-and were occasionally be put on the spot to try and recreate Slovene dishes. At the same time, the American chefs had the opportunity to share their experience and expertise with the Slovenians they meet. They were excited to work with other food artisans and farmers. According to Wurst, the American chefs were chosen because of their philosophies and strong backgrounds in “farm-to-table” food.

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We had an amazing experience and want to thank all the fabulous people we met and worked with in Slovenia.  We especially appreciate the team at the US Embassy and at Felina Films.  It was an honor to work with such committed and conscientious professionals.  We strongly suggest that you too visit this beautiful place and experience the culture and hospitality.  Be sure to take a camera and your appetite!!!