Product List & Pricing

Pork Products

All items are from pasture-raised pork with no antibiotics, no MSG, no added hormones, nitrates, preservatives, or artificial flavorings.  There are no fillers in our products, so they’re safe for gluten-free diets!

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Priced per pound, includes 2% NC Food Sales Tax.  Prices subject to change without notice:

For slow roasting, braising, feeding a crowd

    • Shoulder Roast (bone-in, average 3-4 pounds): $6/lb.
    • Fresh Ham Roast (boneless, average 2-3 pounds): $6/lb. *** this ham is NOT cured, smoked, brined or seasoned in any way!
    • Ribs (a full side, approximately 2 pounds/pack): $5/lb.
    • Shanks (average 1-1/2 – 2 pounds, cut “osso buco” style): $3.50/lb.
    • Neck or back bones (average 1-1/2 – 2 pounds): $2.50/lb.
    • Stew Meat – aka “kabob meat” (boneless 1″ chunks, average 1-1 1/2 pounds/pack):  $6/lb.

Great on the grill, oven or broiler – use medium heat!

    • Tenderloins (~1 pound) or boneless loin roasts (average 2 pounds): $13/lb.
    • Chops (bone-in, 2 chops per pack, approximately 1 pound/pack): $8.50/lb.
    • Shoulder Steak (bone-in, avg. 1″ thick, 2 per pack, approximately 1-1.5 pounds/pack):  $6/lb.
    • Uncured bacon (1 pound/pack): $7/lb. – no salt, nitrates, sugar or smoke added…add your own seasonings when cooking. Versatile for recipes like pasta carbonara, terrific for breakfast or the best BLT’s ever!!!

Cook on the stovetop, grill or use in recipes

    • Breakfast Sausage (mild or hot, 1 pound/pack make your own patties): $7/pound
    • Bratwurst (1 pound/pack = ~4 servings): $7/pack, +/- 1 pound each
    • Italian Sausage (sweet or hot, 1 pound/pack = ~4 servings): $7/pack +/- 1 pound each
    • Ground pork (unseasoned, 1 pound/pack): $7/lb.

Cook from scratch! Make fabulous stock, pate’ and do wonders for your baking

    • Pork bones or organs: $1.25/lb.
    • Fat back or leaf lard, unrendered (average 1- 2 pounds): $1.50/lb. render your own lard with our simple instructions (see the  ”Culinary Corner” section of our website)

Impress your friends (please allow at least 1 week advance notice)

  • Pork belly: 3 sizes – 2-3# piece $6/pound; 4-5# piece $5.75/pound; whole belly (8-10#) $5.50/pound
  • Boston Butt: 6-8# $5.85/pound
  • Whole Shoulder: 12-15#, $5.50/pound
  • Whole Fresh Ham steamship: 14-18# bone-in  $5.50/pound ****this ham is NOT cured, smoked, brined or seasoned in any way
  • Bone-in Loin Rack: 9-bone rack of loin, average 5-7 pounds $8/pound

Pork “Bulk Packs”

  • Variety Pack = 30 pounds of pork from various cuts for $4.85/pound. Includes:  2 packs chops (4 total chops), 5 pounds ground pork, 5 pounds breakfast sausage, 3 pounds uncured bacon, 1 pound bratwurst, 1 pound Italian sausage, 1 boneless ham roast (2-3#), 1 bone-in shoulder roast (3-4#), 2 packs stew meat (1-1.5 pounds each) and 2 packs backbones (1-1.5 pounds each), and 2 packs of shanks (1-1.5 pounds each).
  • Freezer Filler = 60 pounds of pork from various cuts for $4.75/pound.  Includes the same products as listed above, but approximately double the amounts.
  • Paleo Pack = 25 pounds total.  All selections are free from sugar or dextrose:  2 packs chops, 5 packs ground pork, 5 uncured bacon, 1 ham roast, 1 shoulder roast, 3 stew meat, and 3 packs of backbones for $5.50/pound
  • Want more than 60 pounds?  Call me to discuss 828-234-5182


Inventory changes all the time, please email or call / text 828-234-5182