customer comments

HILARIOUS Holiday Truth [in the Thanksgiving newsletter], ladies! :D Thanks for the laugh and for all you do. We are VERY grateful for Grateful Growers! Laura N. + Robert H.

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful, quality products.  We enjoyed delicious bratwurst on the grill for Christmas Eve, and ground sausage with the family breakfast the next morning.  The amazingly tender and tasty pork loin roast was the highlight of our holiday dinner!  I felt good about what I was giving my family, and we all thoroughly enjoyed everything.  We’ll definitely be back for more.  Thank you again!  Eileen S.

I cooked my first chicken club chicken today with my brand new Alice Waters cookbook and Laughing Owl CSA veggies on the side and it was WONDERFUL! Being southern and having two country grandfathers I am not stranger to home grown veggies but the chicken was the Main Event. My picky children loved it and it felt good to do something so simple and quickly and to be right for the environment, community and our bodies. Thank you for your chicken! I look forward to many more! – Donna H.

Have a happy and safe 4th. We will be eating all local produce -except for bread/ or buns. It’s sort of odd how everyone is complaining about food prices. I buy more and more at the farmer’s mkt-and am just so happy to have good, safe food- I don’t even think of questioning how much it costs- just whip out the check book. I feel so blessed to know where my food comes from and the people responsible for growing and raising what I eat. Thanks for all your hard work. – Mary R.

Hey There, I have visited your booth at Matthews FM several times and my family enjoys everything we’ve purchased & cooked. Just had the pork chops this week – wow! Amazing! I can’t wait to try the guanciale in some pasta here soon. – Jessica L.

Congrats ladies on your success and THANKS for thinking of all of us all the time by providing safe, delicious food. – Sarah F.

Thanks for having the courage to begin and continue Grateful Growers. I’m thrilled and grateful :) that you are able to making a living in harmony with your beliefs and nature, and hope that Charlotte continues to support you in this endeavor. – Laura G.

My husband and I are so happy that you and others have chosen to provide us with healthy food from humanely raised animals. I know it is hard work but your passion for your business shows and the results are evident in all the products you produce. I think we have tried almost everything you have made. Keep up the great mission. – Shelley and Steven W.

Cassie and Natalie, I made your fabulous black bean chili today (with your ground pork of course) and a tuscan soup with your pork sausage last weekend. They were both the best! Thank you for all the good work you do-your food is much appreciated and enjoyed. – Sincerely, Karen O.

Hello! Just a note to say that, so far since picking up our order on Saturday AM, we have tried the pork loin, the eggs and the pork sausage. Holy-moley! FABULOUS! We don’t really eat breakfast sausage, but boy oh boy, this is so lean and wonderful. THANK YOU so much. Thank you for making our meat healthier! – Kathy B.