customer comments

I just wanted to let you know I was so pleased with the products we purchased from you this week.  The pork chops were beyond amazing, and we really enjoyed the bacon and sausage as well.  Thank you so much! - Robin P.

Wanted to let you know I smoked two butts last thanksgiving for some family from out of town…hands down the best pork I’ve had, everyone raved about it (not due to my barbequeing skills).  I’ve bought a few from grocery stores in the past and it’s literally loaded with fat, I wouldn’t serve it to anyone.  So true that you get what you pay for! - Jerry

“I am very excited to have found a local farm where happy pigs are raised healthy. I will buy all my pork from this farm from now on and never ever from another mass retailer! I have been a vegetarian for many years now because i refused to fund animal torture by buying the meat products from mass retailers. Christmas day will be the first time in years that i will be eating clean meat and not have to worry about having a bad consciouns. I am sure this will be the best tasting ham ever! Very excited. Thank you for all that you do!” -B.D., Belmont

well, the chops i bought this morning are GONE – grilled them tonight with a smoked paprika rub on them, and my husband just said (as he was gnawing on the bone) “that was doggone good. i didn’t think i was going to eat the whole thing. is there any more?”  thanks for all you do for us eaters out there :)

I bought some of your mild breakfast sausage at the Charlotte Farmer’s Mkt on Sat. Although I can’t eat it due to the spices, my family absolutely LOVED it! My husband, who normally doesn’t care for pork products, couldn’t stop eating the sausage. My mother, who rarely eats more than a few bites of her food, ate two patties. My daughter also conceded that it was much better than what I normally buy at Target. Thank you so much! I’m hopeful that you sell beyond the Charlotte Farmer’s Mkt as it is a good distance from our home. I will keep an eye out for your products. Many thanks for making this morning’s breakfast such a hit! - Lynn A.

I just wanted to let you know that the pork loin I bought from you was the best I have ever eaten or served to others. Thanks so much for offering an alternative to what is available in the stores.
- Carol H.

I grew up on a farm and we killed cows and pigs every fall. My mom and Dad made the best food. Your sausage is so like the sausage they once made. I give it to them for Christmas every year now.Thanks for your help, Leslie R.

I’ve meant for a couple weeks to drop you a line and let you know how awesome the pork butt, bacon, and pork fat for lard are. I’ve rendered the lard but haven’t had a chance to cook with it yet. However the cracklins were nice in a batch of cornbread. I hope to use most of the lard to make a mole sauce over the next few days.

But the bacon and the butt……long gone! The bacon barely lasted a week between my wife and I. The butt was smoked for 6 and a half hours over charcoal shielded by a broken pizza stone with a few chunks of hickory tossed in. I wasn’t the only happy consumer of the butt either. My wife, her parents, her grandmother, and my parents and siblings and their families all thoroughly enjoyed it. My in-laws even went so far as to say it was some of the best pork they’d ever eaten. I like to think part of that praise was for my skill at cooking it; but I’m convinced it was more a testament to the quality of your product. After all, how hard is it to light charcoals and cook a piece of meat with them?

As I said at the Farmers Market when I picked it up, I will be buying more of your pork again.
Thanks so very much for going the extra mile to make a product worth the extra expense.

- Barry W.

I want to thank you for the excellent pork roasts that I picked up from you several days before Christmas. I cooked two of them for our New Years Day dinner celebration with friends and our children. They were the best pork roasts I have ever cooked.  I was so sorry that I had made packaged gravy, as I have in the past, I never had enough juice to make gravy from the drippings and so I made no plans to time the meal to make the gravy from drippings, but your meat would have made it possible so when I cook the third roast I will time things differently. I and our guests thank you and your crew there at Grateful Growers and I hope to see you soon at one of the farmers markets. – Kerry M

Thank you for all that you are doing to produce healthy food sources for our families! I met you on the farm tour and learned so much about local efforts to keep food safe and healthy! I just visited my Healthy Home Market and discovered your pork was available!! What a delight, as I live in Huntersville, and rarely make it to the Farmers Market in Charlotte. I let the store owner know that he had made a great decision to offer your meats and how thrilled people in my area would be! Please know that you have inspired so many of us to make changes in our own lives, and we are “grateful” as well! My husband and I plan to start a small farm very soon and look forward to learning as much as we can from dedicated people such as the two of you!
Sincerely, Barbara H.    PS-We’re having your spareribs for dinner! Yum!